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 Marchen Awakens Romance DUB [D/L]

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PostSubject: Marchen Awakens Romance DUB [D/L]   Thu Dec 06, 2007 8:20 am

Format: WMV
Language: English
Size: ~ 35-226

Plot: Kosi Ginta is a junior high school student who wants to live in a world of fantasy, One day, a mysterious door appears in his classroom. This door leads to another world, “Mar Heaven”, the place he longed to be in. It has everything he dreamed a fairy tale world would have, such as witches and werewolves. There, he finds an item called ÄRM. It’s a special device that was created by magic and gives its user a special ability...

Episode 1 megaupload.com FPYDZONY
Episode 2 megaupload.com SXX06NI0
Episode 3 megaupload.com KO1A9XZN
Episode 4 megaupload.com GR94FXXA
Episode 5 megaupload.com SWT892MY
Episode 6 megaupload.com C17YXL9U
Episode 7 megaupload.com QKRNIDB1
Episode 8 megaupload.com 9I945DAY
Episode 9 megaupload.com S7TLBCCV
Episode 10 megaupload.com BV3EWVHV
Episode 11 megaupload.com 1AII1S38
Episode 12 megaupload.com 5XSK8CE1
Episode 13 megaupload.com HW6QJLNI
Episode 14 megaupload.com CK5YZZUW
Episode 15 megaupload.com AVVITSLM
Episode 16 megaupload.com LNX1FNUH
Episode 17 megaupload.com PDQ9YMVP
Episode 18 megaupload.com 4NWKICA8
Episode 19 megaupload.com OMET74KS
Episode 20 megaupload.com WA2US0VO
Episode 21 megaupload.com HCA34CKK
Episode 22 megaupload.com SAC6HJ22
Episode 23 megaupload.com AJJR6FNZ
Episode 24 megaupload.com ODXC3ZYV
Episode 25 megaupload.com K7FQVDV5
Episode 26 megaupload.com EE34IL9R
Episode 27 megaupload.com JH4XP8C4
Episode 28 megaupload.com 1Y03X9WS
Episode 29 megaupload.com 0M79RPT5
Episode 30 megaupload.com 98I6MWRH
Episode 31 megaupload.com OW9HGW6I
Episode 32 megaupload.com D0LUAQK4
Episode 33 megaupload.com ABL22EKL
Episode 34 megaupload.com 058AFRQH
Episode 35 megaupload.com QES9RBAB
Episode 36 megaupload.com D69CGNTI
Episode 37 megaupload.com 6UVWB8KK
Episode 38 megaupload.com 0S1K97XX
Episode 39 megaupload.com DX7R7OFK
Episode 40 megaupload.com S77X5UXT
Episode 41 megaupload.com FRB4NSYM
Episode 42 megaupload.com MXH8OG4C
Episode 43 megaupload.com E7NNY2ON
Episode 44 megaupload.com 6GDDQUVX
Episode 45 megaupload.com S8ZVR4J2

More eps to come
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Marchen Awakens Romance DUB [D/L]
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